What is the process from here?

    The process of getting PANELlite into your building is not difficult. There are a few things we require and a number of initial checks that we perform, to ensure your design can perform well with the PANELlite experience. Below is a flowchart of the process of your PANELlite order. 

    Our Contact Details:

    PANELlite | A product by CARBONlite

    42 Nevin Drive
    Thomastown, Victoria 3074

    +61 (0)3 83 955 655

    PANELlite | A product by CARBONlite
    42 Nevin Drive
    Thomastown, Victoria 3074


    +61 (0)3 83 955 655


    Although we advertise our address on this website, it is very much appreciated if you could please book an appointment with us via telephone, e-mail or the form shown below. We are a working factory and appreciate the opportunity to schedule work around appointments.

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    Here are some Frequently Asked Questions


    What happens after the initial assessment?

    During the initial assessment a cost estimate is produced and we know that PANELlite is suitable for your project. The project goes through the following processess before production.

    • Issue checking and amending to ensure the details of the project are correct
    • Development of 'Shop Drawings' to dimensions and specifications of your PANELlite panels


    Issue checking: Why do I need that? 

    For the prefabrication process to work efficiently, it is necessary that we understand the details of your project. As part of our terms and conditions, we provide modification to or replacement of PANELlite panels if the overall dimensions that are communicated to us are not reflected on the shop drawings and further if the PANELlite panels physically do not reflect what is documented on the shop drawings. If there is any other mis-communcation, you are liable for the cost of modifying or replacing the PANELlite panel.


    I have plans: Why do I need 'Shop Drawings' as well?

    The development of 'Shop Drawings' is crucial to the production of an accurately represented PANELlite panel and a part of our process that is not able to be overlooked. It is similar to a cake tin or chocolate mould. A cake cannot be formed without the cake tin, as information about how large the cake should be is not given to the mixture without the use of a tin. Shop Drawings also provide information to the number of vehicles needed to transport your PANELlite panels to your building site, a list of materials for order and the number of pieces of each type required for the build.

    Another feature of having Shop Drawings is to be able to communicate the entire process to the building inspector before release of the practical completion certificate. Because the number of stages for inspection is reduced, it is necessary to show proof of what a PANELlite panel consists of in terms of structure, insulation and its relationship with other PANELlite panels and structures in the project.


    What happens during the production stage?

    During the production stage, the Shop Drawings are interpreted and munifactured into PANELlite panels, there are three main stages: cutting, assembly and finishing.


    The Shop Drawings of the PANELlite panels are read and structural members of timber are cut to size, checked and layed in groups for each PANELlite panel. A final check assures that the members are of the right size and this is part of our quality control process.


    The cut members are placed on the prefabrication bench and fixed together with glue, nails and screws. The structure is assembled and insulation placed in between the structure. After its assembly, the sheets that provide PANELlite panels with their rigidity and layed over the structure, along with the membranes and battens or counter-battens and cut to size and fixed with nails or staples. Membranes initially cover window and doors holes for delivery on site. The PANELlite panel is flipped during this process to fix 


    The PANELlite panels are lifted in the factory and finished. This includes checking of the dimensions, materials, membranes and checking that the connectors are in the right place. The PANELlite panels are ready for delivery to site.


    What happens when the PANELlite panels are delivered on site?

    Firstly, after the finishing of the PANELlite panels in the factory, the trucks are loaded for delivery, inspected and checked to ensure that the load is permissable and damage will not occur to any of the PANELlite panels.

    After arriving on site the PANELlite panels are installed by crane in the following order:

    • Floor PANELlite panels
    • Wall PANELlite panels
    • Roof PANELlite panels

    We recommend that only CARBONlite approved contractors are allowed on site during the erection, as part of our guranatee for a delivery of an airtight building envelope. PANEllite panels are delicate and need to be erected in a specific manner to achieve excellent performance results.


    What does PANELlite guarantee?


    After installation of PANELlite panels and if your building consists of a fully sealed envelope of at least walls and roof panels, an airtightness test is performed to measure the air exchanges per hour.

    Accurate Delivery

    After the correct communication of PANELlite panel details, a delivery on time of PANELlite panels that fit together is achieved. Where details have been omitted between the design drawings, modifications to the design communicated to us, our shop drawings and the final product, we will repair or replace the product to fit.

    Ownership of PANELlite panels

    Our guarantee is limited to our ownership of the PANELlite panels during production and delivery. After delivery and the airtightness test, the contracted builder is responsible for the PANELlite panels. After the certificate of practical completion, the owner is responsible for the PANELlite panels.

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