Why should you build using PANELlite?

    • PANELlite is a healthy and energy efficient building solution.

    • PANELlite is of the highest quality and its performance can be measured and guaranteed.

    • PANELlite addresses and handles dew point and moisture management issues to protect you from mould and structural damage.


    Why does health matter in buildings?

    • Studies show that we actually spend 90% of our lives indoors and 2/3 of that time in our own homes.
    • PANELlite may reduce allergies. As PANELlite delivers airtight building envelopes, the risk of building contamination by pollutants from outside air is reduced, particularly in combination with energy recovery ventilation (ERV) systems that employ total air-filtration.
    • PANELlite will help reduce mould. When sealing the building envelope with a smart double-membrane system and when eliminating all thermal bridges, the entire building structure is protected from detrimental moisture build-up and associated dew formation.

    health priority


    How does PANELlite save time during the build process?

    Being a prefabricated (prefab) construction system PANELlite is a controlled solution, on site on time and on mark. The strict quality and time management of the production line enables you to accurately plan your project as a home owner, developer, builder or architect.

    Prefabrication is performed in a controlled indoor environment, with strict quality control and assessment during each of the prefabrication stages; especially, cutting, assembly and delivery to your door. Thus, you can be assured of a high quality product that meets European energy efficiency standards once erected.

    By combining the indoor manufacture process and quality control of the system during the prefabrication stages, PANELlite saves time during the build process. Weather delays are minimised and there is no repetition of work, due to bad workmanship and other innacuracies. A fully engineered system allows you to jump from base stage directly to lock-up stage. This will dramatically reduce the risk of theft and vandalism on site.



    Why does airtightness matter in a building?

    Studies have shown that the quality indoor environment in which you live can potentially pre-determine your health. This is the air quality of the building, which includes temperature, humitidy and ventilation. Where the balance of these three is abnormal, disease, mould and respiratory infections are at a higher risk of occuring.

    The object is to improve the air quality of your indoor environment to improve your health. Three things allow this to happen:

    • Intelligent and fully-funtional sealing of the building envelope
    • Better thermal insulation minimising thermal bridges
    • Energy Recovery Ventilation Systems

    We use a range of products from Pro Clima to achieve outstanding results in airtightness in our building envelopes. A study* has been undertaken and published in September 2011 by Pro Clima to measure the effectiveness of airtightness in a building envelope in New Zealand and similar results could be expected in Australia. The images below show the effects of using different membranes on the internal and external sides of a structural wall.

    It is demonstrated that the only way to effectively combat the issues of moisture in buildings is to intelligently sheild the structure so that when the temperature differences change throughout the year, especially in the temperate zones of the world, of which Australia is in one. The Pro Clima Study* is available from our website, by clicking here.  


    How do we assess our product for airtightness?

    To prove the performance of our product, we perform a 'blower door test' on every PANELlite project. The fan of the unit allows us to pressurise or depressurise the building envelope up to 50pa (pascals). We are then able to measure the air changes per hour (ACH). To meet the very strict German Passivhaus standard, a maximum of 0.6 ACH at 50pa is required.

    We guarantee at least 0.6 ACH of airtightness and will certify the airtightness your project once erected.



    Above is an image of a Blower Door Test, completed in April 2015. The result: 0.27 ACH!!


    *Reference: Pro Clima NZ Limited, 2011, A New Zealand based study on airtightness and moisture management, 1st Edition, Pro Clima, New Zealand

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